Refund Policy

Refunds or cancellations can only be issued if:

• you have requested it within the 6 hours cooling off period
• you have not completed (or attempted to complete) any tests; and
• you have not completed the course more than 15%
• you have not download any or all of the resources/videos/materials of the course
• you have not buy the course from any third party website

Refunds or cancellations can’t be issued if:

• you request refund more than 6 hours after purchasing the course
• we find out that you are trying to abuse the refund-feature by any means
• you purchase the course and request refund multiple courses over a short period of time
• we do not consider your reasons honest or eligible enough

ব্লাক ফ্রাইডে উপলক্ষ্যে সীমিত সময়ের জন্য এনকোডেমীর সকল কোর্স এবং ক্যারিয়ার ট্র্যাক প্রোগ্রামে ৪০% ডিস্কাউন্টে এনরোল করার সুযোগ থাকবে। 📗 অফারটি পেতে ইউজ করুন "ENCODE40" এই কুপন কোডটি